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You can make good investments in dollars and ivyv new tokens. Buy new Tocken. Tocken released the British Investment Fund.
The foundation has several investment areas:
1. Robotic trade in the Forex market uses neural networks and self-learning intelligence.
2. Investing in the production of medical canabis. There is an existing enterprise in Switzerland. In Portugal and in some countries, the production of medical canabis is also organized.
3. Investing in a new steadily growing token, which is used for internal calculations.
4. IPO, and other interesting investment directions.

The authorized capital of the Foundation was paid by its founders with money in the amount of 5,000,000 pounds. In the United Arab Emirates, the Bank is registered and organized.

Examine the terms of investment and cooperation with the Foundation, listen to the presentation in English and get your account free number of your account. To open a free account in the British Investment Fund, click below the "REGISTRATION 82366403" button and correctly fill in the registration form.

I, Sergey Petrovich, consultant of the Foundation. On my site you can check how our magic of a complex percentage works:  www.15a30.ru/magia.

I propose to continue the dialogue after your free registration. With respect, Sergey Petrovich. Russia, St. Petersburg.

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Company number 12695421 Gov.uk       Legal Entity Identifier  

British Investment Fund

I live in Russia, in the city of St. Petersburg.
I do not speak in English, as well as you do not speak Russian. We will use the translators https://translate.google.com

On my personal website consultant in the basement, the translator is installed on the left below. You can read the translation of the text of my site online. So that we can continue to communicate, you need to register on the Fund website. This is the first condition. >>>




In the registration form on the company's website, you must specify my partner number: 82366403 this is the main condition!

What country are you in? What's your name? Good luck to you and big profits!

EN Presentation S-Group pdf            EN Sincere IPO pdf   

Март 2022 года:

You can transfer each page of the site to your language. For this there is a text translator. The translator is located in the basement of the site on the left.

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